TEi operate a small civil engineering group for civil design, project management and construction works.  Our civil engineering group allows our group of companies to deliver total projects from the ground up.  As required our civil group will use other divisions to deliver total projects or sub-contract to other key suppliers.  With sound management our civil engineering group provides a range of quality civil engineering services from design, construct and commissioning of medium sized projects.

Building & Earthworks Capability

  • Trenching works

  • Pipe laying

  • Concreting and general civil works services  

  • Bulk Earthworks

  • Concrete Slabs and Structures 

  • Pump stations, concrete work, mechanical, electrical and civil, pits, footings, beams, slabs and structures

  • Sewer and water reticulation including pipes, valves, fittings

  • Pipe laying, welded joints, bolted joints, rubber ring joints above ground or below from steel, ductile iron and PVC  

  • Drainage work: Pipes, box culverts, drains