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"I would just like to say thank you to you and the TEi team that replaced the main shutter chains and sprockets. They successfully completed the task in extremely cold conditions without a single grumble from anyone. They are a pleasure to work with, but we already knew that with the ongoing work replacing the dome bogies. They are a great asset to TEi and I would have no hesitation in recommending in the future. Thanks once again"

- Operations Manager

"We have employed the TEi Steel Trommels on site since 2010 and have not looked back since. We find these units offer unrivaled wear life, very low maintenance cost and minimal downtime when compared to rubber panel trommels. The trommels have continued to perform with the past expansion project that increased mill throughput by 40%.  We find the TEi personnel receptive to after sales design optimisation and design flexibility, which in turn leads to the most cost effective solution for trommels we have encountered, so much so that we have specified TEi Steel Trommels as OEM supply on our milling circuit duplication project."

- Process Manager

 “TEi Steel Trommels are an invaluable part of our high volume process. We found this product outperforms traditional panel trommels for price, maintenance frequency and wear life. TEi Steel Trommels are easy to change, with less labour, and with reduced risk of injury from manual handling tasks.  With after sales support we are able to tailor the design and optimize the unit to get the most from our circuit with a minimum of hassle. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to get the most value for money and efficiency from their process circuits”

- Process Maintenance Coordinator

"TEi Steel Trommels provide very cost effective alternatives to panel trommels. They have the value added advantages of increased service life, minimal maintenance downtime and reduced risk to maintenance personnel. We have seen the advantages first hand.  I would recommend every process plant consider TEi Steel Trommels and see the advantages for yourselves."

- Mechanical Maintenance Manager

“Having introduced TEi Steel Trommels to a variety of sites in Australia and Internationally over the past 20 years, I am suitably impressed by their cost effectiveness, in both Greenfield and Brownfield applications.  By applying TEi Steel Trommels in just one application I have seen:

  • TEI Steel Trommel purchase price was 25% of the cost of an OEM trommel,
  • The maintenance frequency increase from 12 days to 119 days,
  • A significant cost reduction in resources, where it required less than 4 hours to change a TEi Steel Trommel it required almost 10 hours to replace Polyurethane panels,
  • The ongoing spares of this traditional trommel were almost double the price of a TEi Trommel,
  • TEi Steel Trommels do not suddenly fail. Wear rates are very predictable, allowing to schedule the change out dates well in advance of failure. With a traditional trommel, the failure tendency is extremely hard to measure and predict and represents a huge potential for machinery damage upstream,
  • TEi Trommels are lighter than traditional trommels so cranage requirements are considerably less.  
  • In Greenfield design applications the reduced weight makes for more cost effective mill designs for the client.

On the whole I have found the TEi Steel Trommels to be a vast improvement on traditionally styled panel trommels and have installed them at most of the operations I have been involved in.  They are very strongly suited to being part of the design and implementation in a Brownfields or Greenfields project. Well done TEI”  

- Maintenance Superintendent