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Engineering Solutions for Tomorrow, Quality Accredited

Since 1968, TEi Services has continually provided engineering and fabrication solutions at the nexus of innovation and tradition.

 Our Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Systems are managed and maintained by our Compliance team to ensure continual improvement of processes and consistency with principles specified in the standards.

TEi have built a positive global reputation for delivering quality engineering services over our 50-year history. We are proudly diverse in our ability to offer a complete packaged solution to meet our clients' ever-evolving needs. 

We hold third party accreditation in,

  • AS/NZ ISO9001:2015 Quality management systems
  • AS/NZ ISO3834.2:2008 Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials - Comprehensive Quality requirements
  • AS/NZS 5131:2016 Structural Steelwork – Fabrication and Erection – Level CC2

 Thanks to investments in our continued professional growth, TEi have several internationally renowned and highly regarded welding and protective coating supervisors and inspectors.

Further certifications we hold are,

  • WTIA International Cert 10
  • International Welding Specialist and Technologist
  • ACWR Examiners
  • NACE Level 2 coatings Inspectors
  • Project Management quality systems auditing qualifications
  • Environmental License #ERA/0253
  • PCQ Level 2 accreditation
  • Main Roads MRTS 78 Level 1
  • Queensland Rail prequalified

Professional services we offer to other organisations include,

  • Welding Supervision and Inspection
  • Weld procedure development
  • Welder qualification testing to ISO9606.1, ASME IX, AS1554 and AS3992
  • GCAA (Glencore Coal) Welder Competency assessments
  • Weld mapping and traceability documents
  • Third-party coatings inspection
  • Staff development, mentoring and training
  • Welding and Fabrication quality system consultancy
  • Welding machine validations to EN50504:2008 and EN IEC 60974-14:2018 standards

TEi Services Quality Accredited Engineering Solutions