Employee Training, Recruitment

TEi embraces training to support safety, productivity, and school leavers to find jobs.  Each year school leavers are recruited to join the company as engineering apprentices.  In this field some will become Boilermakers, others Fitters or Machinists.  Engineering Cadetships in the form of Associate Diploma in Engineering (Civil) and Degree Courses are offered and sponsored as and when the opportunities arise.  In keeping with our policy of training our employees, the majority of our permanent staff are multi skilled. 

 TEi have annual intake of apprentices. We offer apprenticeships in:

  • Fitting & Turning (Machinist)
  • Boilermaking (Fabrication)

Training Contract Signed between Employer and Apprentice

The Training Contract is a legally binding agreement which commits the Employer and apprentice to achieving the training outcomes. There is a 90 day probationary period when either party can terminate the agreement. The Registered Training Organisation (RTO), will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the Training Contract is completed correctly and registered with the State Authority.

Development of the Training Plan

This involves the identification of structured work and relevant competency standards by the employer and RTO to determine training requirements for the apprentice.  The RTO must issue the apprentice with a log book and progressively record competencies gained and advise the apprentice to enable progression through the contract of training.

Incentive Claims

Where eligible, at completion of probation period claim forms can be lodged with MEGT.

Training Delivered and Assessment Undertaken by the RTO

The RTO works with the employer and apprentice to deliver training and assessment appropriate to both the requirements of the organization and the training program.

Issue of Qualification and Completion of the Training Contract

When the apprentice has completed all the training and has been assessed as being competent against the industry competency standards

Compliance with the Workplace Gender Equality (WGE) Act

TEi promotes the employment of women and promotes Equal Opportunity within our company.
TEi is not a relevant employer under the definitions provided in the WGE Act.

Indigenous Procurement

TEi are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against any sector of the community or industry. TEi actively seeks opportunities to employ or engage with indigenous Australians for the provision of material and services. They must however represent Value for Money (VFM) for TEi and be legislatively compliant with all aspects of the legislation required by TEi for management and delivery of this construction.

TEi will not compromise quality and Value for Money or increase the WHSE risk, for either subcontractors or staff by employing any enterprise that is not able to meet the strict requirements of TEi quality standards.