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TEi draw on the experience of our engineering team for design work, with the ability to provide solutions to meet Australian and International standards. 

Our extensive industry experience in steelwork design, drafting and technical support services allow us to provide a complete solutions approach for our clients. Our competent team consists of in-house design engineers, consultants, project managers and drafting services. 

We have built a reputation of value for money services and solutions for complex situations. Our ability to deliver in all aspects of our projects is greatly enhanced by strategic relationships with high profile business partners through joint ventures, alliances and partnerships.

Detailing Capacity

From many years of experience, we have gained valuable expertise in the many areas of the construction industry that has allowed us to develop a capable engineering design group.  This group is supported by a number of key alliances with other engineering groups that add depth, flexibility and additional support.  We have modern computer design programs for design work and detailing shop drawings connected by high speed internet connections for direct transmission of drawings, specifications and communication. Our Engineering Office and Quality Assurance is headed by an experienced draft person with many years drafting experience in the oil, gas, mining and construction industry.

Our Engineering Office is under the direction of a mechanical engineer and our staff are under the supervision of our Engineering Office Manager. Our Engineering Office provides tailored professional engineering services to our divisions and clients delivering quality services and solutions for mechanical, structural and civil engineering projects.  Our solutions and response to projects is driven by our customers’ needs to ensure their operational requirements are delivered and supported in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

For detailing of engineering design drawings of large projects our Engineering Office has a sound working relationship with a number of contract Design Offices.  These offices are located in Australia and overseas.  We have a strong alliance with a group in the Philippines and another group in India.  With these two groups as support we have the ability to outsource many of the large projects that require significant labor hours to start projects.  In addition we have utilised our alliance partners when tight schedules conflict with our work loads preventing us from carrying out the work.

Engineering design and detailed design drawings have contributed to many successful projects over recent years.   The main areas have included:

  • Conveyors and Material Handling Systems
  • Screens and grizzly’s for bulk materials
  • Chutes for handling of bulk materials
  • Town Water Reservoirs
  • Tankage for bulk liquids storage
  • Silos for storage of dry bulk materials
  • Building Extensions
  • Platforms and Walkways for plant structures
  • Portal Frame Buildings

Engineering Design Capability

  • Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Design
  • 3D Solid Modelling, Finite Element Analysis
  • Cyclic Fatigue Modelling
  • Detailed Engineering and Manufacturing Drawings and Documentation
  • Structural Analysis
  • Multi-Disciplined RPEQ Design and Certification
  • 3D Modelling and Simulations
  • Design Optimisation
  • 2D Workshop Detailing
  • Project Specifications and Documentation
  • Engineering Alliances
  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor