With extensive experience in delivering maintenance contracts and breakdown support, we service a diverse range of industries including mining, manufacturing, utilities and agriculture, our presence is worldwide.

We work collaboratively with our customers to ensure optimal plant productivity and integrate with our customers’ existing systems to develop and execute reliability focused maintenance support.

We know that all maintenance is not always the same, so depending on your requirements and desired outcomes; there will be many different approaches to be taken. Safety also must be maintained and comes first in any maintenance task we do.

All our maintenance works are results orientated. This means we aim to minimise the chance of premature failure or at least reduce the damage potential due to failure. This approach ensures consistency in how we perform maintenance on each piece of equipment for each client.

Combining all our key capabilities, we aim to provide extensive value focused approach.

Our heavy machine shop is equipped to manufacture heavy plant and equipment and provides jobbing shop services. This workshop has equipment that provides high precision machining of heavy components, often unequalled in most parts of Australia and overseas. The workshop delivers a comprehensive range of specialised machining services with a history of cost reduction for many clients. 

We have the ability to deliver high precision repetitive manufacturing of large industrial equipment components, and furbish a broad range of components for mobile equipment, fixed plant and marine equipment supported with sound engineering expertise and a vast knowledge of industry best practice.

We have the experienced staff that offer quality engineering solutions for specific problems utilizing best practice engineering. Items of equipment can be designed and constructed utilizing AutoCAD detailed drawings and materials selected that offer design integrity and service life for retrofits and specific designed projects.

Asset Maintenance, Reliability & Support Capability

  • Condition Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance
  • Refurbishments and Reclamation Work
  • Gearbox Inspection and Refurbishment Specialists
  • Mechanical Design Optimisation and Recertification
  • Mid-Life Asset Inspections, Non-Destructive Examinations and Engineering Re-Certifications
  • Inspection & RPEQ Certification
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • On-site support & preventative maintenance
  • Gearbox and Transmission Inspection, Condition Reporting and Rebuilds
  • Asset Reclamation
  • Laser alignment
  • Remote Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis
  • Mechanical Asset Refurbishments
  • Lubricant Sampling and Monitoring
  • Field Machining Services
  • Heavy Machining Capabilities
  • Mechanical equipment manufacturers
  • Refurbishment of large transmissions and gearboxes
  • 3D modeling of mechanical structures
  • Refurbishment of large hydraulic systems
  • Suppliers of large purpose designed cast steel and iron foundry items
  • Supply of cast steel kiln girth gears, tyres and pinions
  • Crusher and crusher components rebuilt to original specifications
  • Crusher and kiln installation and alignment
  • Rotary kilns in-situ linishing of tyres and carrier rollers
  • Heavy precision machining up to 45 tonne items
  • Heavy precision machining specialist for gears, pins, bushes and shafts
  • Supplier of purpose-built mechanical steelwork fabrications
  • Heavy component rebuild specialists
  • Reclamation specialists
  • Mechanical maintenance 
  • Evaluation, assessment and reporting of mechanical projects
  • Solutions and recommendations for mechanical failures
  • Field services for reclamation of heavy plant and equipment
  • Specialised engineering services for design and installation of retrofits
  • Site specific project resources
  • Heavy engineering workshop machining and fabrication for plant rebuilds
  • Logistical movement of large items of equipment
  • Heavy precision machining of large structures and manufacture of components

Onsite Machining

Our customised and TEi built portable machines, with their optional extras, represents all-round service tools for on-site or in-shop precision machining. From Line-boring journals to facing a motor base or setup to linish bearing journals and tyres.

Operations that we can perform in-situ:

  • boring
  • facing
  • welding
  • milling

Gearbox maintenance and rebuilding

We offer high-quality gearbox repair and rebuilding services as a cost-effective alternative to equipment replacement. Once our specialists have determined the gearbox condition, we recommend the best course of action and estimate refurbishment costs. After appropriate repairing and rebuilding, the increase in gearbox lifespan often rivals the performance of a newly purchased component, particularly the large industrial gearboxes being in service for 20+ years.

Gearbox services:

  • Reliability Review
  • Full Rebuild
  • Partial Rebuild
  • Seal Changes
  • Housing Repairs
  • Shaft repairs or replacement
  • Breakdown Services
  • Gear Design Engineering
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Precision Laser Alignment

Alignment of machines has been performed for over 200 years and now with modern laser technology, the necessity of alignment is common knowledge. With today’s improved machinery, alignment is a vital part in the daily maintenance work. Machines now need to be online continuously with a minimum of interruptions. We know that a machine breakdown causes devastating loss of production. Nearly 50% of all machine breakdowns are caused by misalignment.

Shaft alignment can be done utilizing several methods and tools, such as straightedges, callipers, dial indicators, or laser systems. Of these, laser shaft alignment is the fastest and most accurate. Our laser shaft alignment systems also have programs to measure and correct soft foot, and other shaft alignment problems with our experience in the mining and processing industries; we are equipped with practical and site relevant knowledge.

Inspection Testing and Design Reliability Services

Through established partnerships with other local NATA accredited laboratory specialists and certified Engineering support. We can provide a complete solution from inspection, testing, reporting and Implementation of reliability focused maintenance plan.

  • Non Destructive testing
  • Onsite Mechanical Technical support
  • Mechanical Engineering, Modifications, Design and FEA Support

Our benefits

  • Supports the identification of machine faults
  • Allows early planning of maintenance
  • Can provide valuable information on root causes
  • Find affected components in running machines
  • TEi online monitoring system ( call us for Details and specifications)

Coupled with our reliability maintenance services we can provide a complete solution based approach to your machine reliability.