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While they mightn’t yet have the global following of Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte, TEi Services’ double act Donnelly and Brinley Madden are a talented duo who’re a great addition to our North Queensland based team.

Our latest staff spotlight series chatted to the pair about work, life and family. 

AUTHORS: Donnelly & Brinley Madden

Donnelly Madden started his career at a local zinc refinery where he completed his apprenticeship. With his sights set on new opportunities to grow within the manufacturing sector, Donnelly joined TEi Services as a Boilermaker almost four years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Over time, he’s progressed through the ranks and now works as a leading hand in one of the fabrication bays, doing custom work for a wide variety of clients. The varied and creative side of the job is Donnelly’s passion and the ability to harness that was one of the reasons he encouraged brother Brinley to further the family ties and join the TEi Services work family.

Brinley had been working on a cattle property in Western Queensland and had been considering a sea change where he could learn something new. When the opportunity came up for a painter and blaster to join the TEi Services team, Brinley didn’t have to think twice.

Since starting, Brinley has been able to learn new skills and start his trade, all while getting to work in a supportive and encouraging environment. Brinley says from the mentors, supervisors and other co-workers, everyone has been happy to lend a hand or a piece of advice to help him out.

That rings true even more so when it comes to brother Donnelly.

Brinley says he looks up to his brother and loves being a part of the Madden brothers double act. He says Donnelly always has an ear and a piece of advice when needed.

To ensure there’s no sibling rivalry or arguments, the pair have a pact that from clock on to clock off, they respect each other as colleagues first and foremost and are professional at all times. That doesn’t mean there’s not some ribbing at smoko of course.

With Donnelly currently undertaking a Diploma in Applied Technologies and Brinley completing his apprenticeship, the future for the Madden brothers is looking bright.

They’re combining local knowledge with global expertise and helping TEi Services to show the world just how capable Townsville is on the international manufacturing stage.


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