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TEi Services is using the assistance of the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program to equip itself with the best available technology on its journey towards
becoming a world-leading smart manufacturer.

What did the project involve?

TEi Services purchased a robotic welding solution to manufacture equipment for the mining industry. The new robotic equipment includes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software programming which will help TEi Services meet their growing demand.

What happened next?

TEi Services purchased their new robotic welding equipment from IR4/SSS Manufacturing on the Gold Coast, so we’re actually seeing one grant help to grow 2 important Queensland manufacturers.

TEi Services General Manager Richard Parker said that the new manufacturing equipment will drastically reduce the amount of time for some of the products they make.

'One of the company’s key manufactured products is the steel trommel, a rotary sieve used to separate materials, mainly in the mineral and solid-waste processing industries,' Mr Parker said.

'The new robotic equipment will reduce the time it takes to manufacture steel trommels from around 10 days down to just 12 hours.

'We’re excited to be using world-leading technology and proud to export Townsville-made steel products all around the globe, and I want to thank the Queensland Government for this funding, which will make TEi Services a more competitive business.'

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