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The committed, highly skilled and dedicated team at TEi Services gives us our competitive advantage of global expertise coupled with local knowledge.

Our Staff Spotlight series puts Quality & Welding Supervisor and Coatings Inspector Frank Russo centre stage.

AUTHOR: Frank Russo

It is true what they say that you get out of something what you put into it and that’s the mindset I try to take with me into every day.

Although I’ve lived in Townsville for the past 17 years after moving south from Ingham, I’ve only been with TEi Services since 2018 and it’s definitely been a busy two and a half years on the team since then.

I’ve always tried to give 100% to what I do, and I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels which I’m grateful that TEi Services recognised early on. Within my first six months here, I’d already been put through my first training course, the Nace2 Coating Inspectors course and am currently doing my International Welding Technologist Course through Weld Australia after having completed their International Welding Specialist Qualifications course.

By being given the opportunities to undergo additional courses though my career, I’ve been able to work within areas of the industry I wouldn’t otherwise been able to and excel further within the business.

These courses arm with me the knowledge and expertise for the wider company to gain certifications which helps us stack up when tendering for large scale defence and government projects which are amazing to a part of.

Every day is different here; I get a diverse mix of responsibilities which keeps me on my toes. I get to do everything from welding supervision, workshop supervision, painting inspections, purchasing and I also implement and manage the ISO certifications for ISO 9001 and ISO 3834.

Being able to work both in the office and in the workshop is great as I get to be involved with more of the bigger picture management while still getting to work with my hands and use the trade skills that I have.

Outside of work and training, finding time to get back to nature and spend time with my family is a priority. I love going fishing, camping and even mountain biking. Anything that gets me outside and hanging out with my loved ones is key to ensuring I’ve got a good work-life balance and I can jump into the work week ready to go.


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